Important Terms In SEO

If you are new to seo services singapore, there are some terms in SEO you need to know. Learn and improve your knowledge of SEO with the following key terms.

– Anchor text
Anchor text is the term in SEO for text hyperlinks, meaning a text that is connected to the link. Anchor text includes a term often heard when you learn SEO for anchor text is used as a keyword, and this can improve the ranking. Although allowed to optimise internal anchor text (as long as the content is still in touch and not too much), but it is not recommended to optimise the anchor text in articles or press releases aimed at the general public because this could potentially be a link scheme. The best way to exploit this is to keep as natural as possible in the anchor text in articles or press releases.

– Title tags
A title tag (title) or page titles with tags in HTML form like this: . Title tag indicates the title of a page and can also be seen in the tab on your browser or plain language is a headline in the search results. The title tag can help search engines (search engines) and internet users to find out an explanation of a page. The best way to creating a good title tag is by creating unique title tags and titles associated with each page on your website.

– Meta description
Meta description includes part of HTML, but the goal is to describe/explain a page. Meta description does not affect the ranking in search engines, but it can help you to raise the level of clicks to your website for meta description can appear in search results. Just like title tags, you must create a unique meta description, related to the explanation in your yard and make sure you include all the call to action (button click) on it.

– 301 redirect
When you delete a page or change the URL, they do not just disappear from the digital world. So when a user searches for an URL that is not there anymore, they will accept the results of a 404 error, or the “Not Found”. To avoid confusion and to provide a ranking of the missing page, the best way is to use a 301 redirect. 301 redirect will redirect the user and the search engine from the old URL to the currently active page.