Front Office or the Office of the Future for the hotel is known as the first and the last response of the guest. This means that this part, which owns the first and last service to guests. Even far-away days before coming to the hotel they have been in contact with the Front Office particularly the Reservation. Handling room reservations either by tourists as potential hotel guests as well as the accommodation service providers today have brought great benefits for both parties. Expectations of the travelers who get a room reservation are in accordance with the order by the time they arrived at the hotel. This desire can only be achieved if the hotel had a reservation management system that effectively and efficiently as Anand System – with the detail you can see in

Without an effective and efficient system then all aspect in hotel management will be disrupted. For tourists, bookings can anticipate possible inconveniences during the trip looking for a place to sleep. Hotel for careful planning regarding the number of orders in the coming time guarantees the accuracy of the calculation of costs, revenue, and profit. Besides, the needs of tourists can be prepared far in advance so that the tourists will get satisfactory service when they arrive at the hotel and after a stay at the hotel. With the reservation service professional and courteous we expect prospective guests feel that they would get professional and courteous service as well as they’ve been in hotels. For this to be achieved, the authors of view need to compile this module which will be preceded by preparatory to being a staff of reservation, the reservation procedure, and change the reservation.