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The task of getting rid of dust and dirt can be very challenging for those who don’t know anything about cleaning methods. Here comes the HEPA vacuum to solve the issue. Like what was stated on VacuumPick.com, it guarantees clearing the allergens and dust particles that are present in every other home. When you use the HEPA filter, a certain space can be made dust free like up to 99.97%.

Asthma and allergy patients love the highly efficient air (HEPA) filter. Even this is helpful in minimizing the episodes of asthma that actually aggravates due to these allergens and dust particles. The presence of HEPA (filter) vacuum actually means no dust in your house.

Top HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

hepa-vacuum-cleaner-mieleThe popularity graph of the HEPA vacuums is increasing day by day. Some vacuums are like HEPA and they perform similar task like HEPA vacuum cleaners, but not solely. The difference is in their ability and power eliminating the dust which is great in HEPA filter vacuums. Do not listen to such fake claims that different ads make.

If you want to select the vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter, it is crucial to verify whether the 2 numbers are there are not. http://vacuumpick.com provides complete guide on the various HEPA vacuum cleaners. Both the numbers actually are there for representing how much amount or size of allergens that can be filtered with that vacuum. From the first number you can determine the filtration efficiency in percentage of the filtration efficiency. While the purpose of the second number is to signify how much amount or size of allergen particles can be retained in this vacuum cleaner. Ideal percentage filtration efficiency of HEPA filters should not be less than 99.97% while it should retain the dust particles of about 0.3 micrometers at least. In other words, the HEPA vacs can clean the air containing 0.3 micrometers dust particles can filter 99.97% of these particles. It is very important to know how much capable a filter is to clean or purify the air because according to medical experts these dust particles can be harmful for lungs.

There are few things that one must know and consider to differentiate the top quality HEPA filters. Here we are sharing the important ones. The top quality HEPA filter is the one that meets the European Norm 1822 (or EN 1822) certified standards. According to this standard the filtration capacity as well as performance of a HEPA filter is measured. The ones that clear or pass actually gets a certification number. Such certified HEPA vacuums are known as Absolute or True HEPA filters. In addition, do not forget to check that there is no leakage of air in front of the filter.


Look for a HEPA vacuum cleaner with the filter EN 1822 certified and one must not forget to check this. As a result it the filtration of the particles can be ensured and hence the surrounding air of your living space will become clean and pure. Presence of dust can cause different issues so one must buy this type of vacuum as a good investment.

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Knowing the cause of psoriasis is as important as knowing the treatments and natural remedies. In this way one can understand and manage this problem easily. The first important thing is that psoriasis is a multifactorial and chronic disease. There are many factors that can cause this problem such as environmental factors as well as genetic factors. If you become its victim then be prepared to face it for a longer period of time.

Types, Symptoms and Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is described as keratinocyte (keratin cells) hyperproliferation. As a result of this epidermal cell turnover rate increases, this accounts for the symptoms that occur in psoriasis. It begins out as scaly lesions, reddish, either raised, flat, or sometimes both. It turns into more visible silvery plaques, surrounded by a reddish skin area. Initially it is reddish lesion in one part then later on it spreads to other parts of the body. There are some cases (especially in guttate psoriasis), the lesions can cause itchiness. About 10-30% sufferers face joint pain with no visible skin lesions. The good thing about psoriasis is that it is not contagious. Usually it occurs in areas like genitals, scalp, extensor areas as well as the area of lower back.

The most common type of psoriasis is plaque psoriasis but there are other kinds also. The appearance of guttate psoriasis is quite pinkish and its manifestation takes place after or with an infection of upper respiratory tract. In case of pustular psoriasis, as the term says it all involves pustules appearing on the soles and palms.

Psoriasis in some cases may affect the eyes too but mostly it affects the skin first. It can result in conjunctivitis and blepharitis (inflammation of eyelid), of these two this one is more.

Psoriasis Treatment and Natural Remedies

The basis of psoriasis diagnosis is on a clinical impression, it is best to consult a doctor when you notice any of the above symptoms. With simple cleaning as well as bandaging can easily reduce the lesions. Another useful form of therapy is PUVA therapy in which solar and UV radiation can be used.

However, you can start treatment at your own home as well. Sunlight is can be very helpful for psoriasis and a well known psoriasis remedy. Regular sunlight exposure is effective but it must not be for longer duration, also apply moisturizers as well as petroleum jelly frequently. After shower, always pat dry yourself after that apply lotion or moisturizer; itching can occur in dry skin, as a result of which psoriasis can spread. Bathing is good but too much bathing can cause problem. Avoid hot water baths and opt for lukewarm water. Do not towel off simply pat yourself dry also add some salts or oil to the bathwater.

According to studies psoriasis sufferer with increased levels of arachidonic acid, that is common in vegetable oil and processed food. Fish oil supplements has also been effective for psoriasis some patients. Include 2-3 grams per day for benefits. Toxicity has a great influence in some patients and it focuses on including the detoxifying diet. Avoid processed food items and include fruits as well as vegetables.

Milk thistle is also effective for reducing cell hyperproliferation, the underlying cause in psoriasis.

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Simple Psoriasis Cure

The skin disease of psoriasis usually occurs on the surface of the skin and the symptoms include reddish patches, sometime in the form of wound as well as covered with the thick white flakes of dry scales. The common locations where it occurs include joints like knees, ankles, elbows and wrists. It is also possible that it might occur where skin gets wounded from time to time. The problem of psoriasis appears and vanishes whether completely or partially with the time. When this problem outbreak it is known as flare-ups in which the irritation and itching occurs.


The reason of psoriasis is due to the overproduction of skin cells at a fast speed that is near 1,000 times quicker as compared to the regular rate. All these cells deposit on the surface of the skin that lead to problems such as dry scales and red bumps. There are some other factors also related to this condition that’s why the treatment as well symptoms can be different for every case. Bad eating habit, tension, genetic problem and unhealthy lifestyles all these factors increase the flare-ups.

How to treat psoriasis from inside-out?

There are many successful home remedies that show successful results when curing psoriasis. For a natural psoriasis cure, consume lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains. These are quite rich in fiber which is important for removing toxins out of the body otherwise it can cause problem to skin condition. Try to avoid foods that contain sugar as well as dairy products and red meat. Basically animal tissues have arachidonic acids which produce toxins and inflammatory compounds – leukotriene’s. If anyone is suffering from psoriasis and the leukotriene’s level is increased in that case he or she should eat steak, burger, pork along with the cold-water fish like halibut, catfish, trout, salmon and perch. Fish carry essential omega-3 fatty acids which support in improving health as well as help in reducing inflammation. There are people who like to consume fish oil supplements in the form of capsule. These can be kept in the refrigerator for maintaining its freshness. Avoid smoking and alcohol intake to reduce the toxins level and to stay away from outbreaks of psoriasis.

How to treat Psoriasis from the Outside-In?

Psoriasis FoodIt is one of the funny aspects of psoriasis. Go for holidays to an extraordinary topical beach. If you feel that this option is not suitable in that case just relax in the sun so that you get relief from psoriasis. The UV rays will help to make skin clear but one must avoid overexposure and apply sunscreen when it is required. Tension is also included in the list that increases the risk of flare-ups so it is important to look for ways to relax. For releasing stress consider these few options such as acupuncture, tai-chi, yoga, hypnosis and meditation. One can use topical solution which can be applied to prevent the irritation, scales and redness. Essential oils from capsaicin, licorice, chamomile or cayenne pepper have been in use of prior treatment options. The old style rolled oats can ease the skin when it is ground to make it in powder form with the help of food processor. One must keep it in mind before applying any oils, salves, rubs, ointments on the skin that it doesn’t contain any preservatives, impure ingredients and harmful chemicals especially on open wound. While using any topical treatment to the affected part it can only help if it is covered with some saran wrap near the part to permit the skin to ease as well as cure during the phase of drying the infection.

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